Why Cold Temperature Causes Dry Eyes

A recent study found that cold temperature causes the oily, outer layer of your tear film to thicken and stiffen, so that it can’t spread well across the eye. This oily substance, called the meibum, is necessary to prevent evaporation of the tears on your eye’s surface.

In fact, the meibum can solidify in cold temperatures and block the meibomian gland ducts, thereby preventing release of meibum into your eye.

Wearing goggles when it’s cold and windy would not only help keep your eyes warm, but would also keep out wind that would evaporate your tears.


Computer work

It’s important to take frequent breaks from computer work and look far away every 15 minutes for at least one to two minutes. When we work in front of a computer, our blink rate also goes down and the eyes can get dry. ┬áRemember to blink often and take frequent distant breaks and refocus!